Redesigned some OC’s after not drawing for close to a month. Or was it longer… Anyways, my shapeshifter characters, the Britts, got a redo. Their old designs where cute at the time but now that they’ve all fleshed out, it was time for a change. Originally, they all looked alike but everyone has their own changes.

Just to throw this out there:
Ethan can only shift into animals.
Hayley can only shift into humans.
Carter can only shift items. Ex. Turns a lead pipe into a monkey wrench.

Ethan Britt: He’s got the jawline to die for now with curly hair and a medium build to him, rather then his old lanky self. His new outfit is easy to strip from and includes a dragon skin bracelet that lets him shift into dragon forms. Shapeshifters can change forms into any animal but dragons are the hardest for bone formation. Extra DNA is needed to do a successful shift.

Hayley: She got a haircut and a hell of a change for her face. She has more of an oval shape to her face and much smaller eyes. Her old design is still in use, as she used to keep that form in her backstory to keep an ex boyfriend happy. So she’s no longer pornstar hot, she back to the average girl look, who happens to be 6’4. Outfit just changed to suit her personality better and be a little more modest.

Carter: This asshole didn’t change much aside from making his Mohawk curly and fixing his damn face. He’s got more of a feminine type face now which I wasn’t able to do before for him. Carter’s outfit got a lot nicer compared to his old one, which had colors everywhere and we’re never going back. The big change for him is he wears metal arm and wrist bracelets that he can use to shift into weapons.

Kay guys it’s like 2 in the mornif and I have to sleep so I can watch sailor moon crystal





It’s like Marvel is really trying to piss people off, lol. 


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For the love of god, please make the new Iron Man some sort of LGBT+. 

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